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Mesotherapy Non-Invasive Needle Mesotherapy BDR

Non-Invasive Needle Mesotherapy BDR

When taking care of your skin today, we think about our future. Someone, who has beautiful skin has a magnificent appearance in every age. The choice of methods corresponds to the individual type of skin. One of the most efficient ways of prophylaxis of the aging of skin and of correction of the changes that come with age is the so-called non-invasive needle mesotherapy, through the method of Beauty Defect Repair (BDR). The essence of the method is needle microperforation, which is applied tightly to the whole face, the periocular contour, the neck and the neck opening.
The effect is achieved already with the first therapy. The world-wide licensed BDR system combines a large spectrum of mechanisms for renovation of the skin and improvement of the facial contour. The method is effective and does not damage the cells or the capillaries. Practically this is risk-free and blood –free mesotherapy yielding extremely good medical results.
The method includes a precise combination of biological pееling, paramedical technology and highly effective dermaceutic.
In order to increase the permeability of the skin, it is necessary to remove the upper layer of the epidermis. The method includes a new combined peeling system, composed of biological peeling and machine micropeeling.
The biological peeling, Re-action natural and Re-action deep, is performed with products containing fruit and glycolic acids of increasing concentration, according to the number of the procedures. The procedures do not destroy the keratinocytic layer of the skin and do not break its cellular structure. The peeling causes gradual scaling of the superficial layer of the skin, profound cleaning and visible reduction of the imperfections. The autohydration mechanisms are enhanced, the division of the cells is stimulated and accelerated and the mast secretion is regulated. The skin becomes smoother and looks younger. It is applied to the whole face, the pеricocular contour, the neck and the neck opening. It is used without risk during the summer period as well.
The Profipeel machine micropeeling is a specially developed relief tip, which guarantees uniform and safe mechanical peeling. Because of the specific movement with which the peeling is performed, the dead skin cells are removed ensuring better absorption of the active ingredients of the products, applied afterwards. This has the effect of microdermabrasion, which renews and polishes the skin. It is applied to dry, sensitive and couperose skin.
Perforation of the skin.
A patent handle is used and a special needle system in combination with new-generation fillers- hyaluronic acid, botox like filler for local filling of wrinkles and finalizing cream-cocktail of rejuvenating ingredients. The hyalurinic acid (Re-charge N product) is of specialized structure with extremely small nano-molecules and, when applied to the skin after microperforation, it penetrates to the deeper skin levels.
A special adaptor with sterile microneedles is attached to the handle of the mesotherapy machine. Around 60,000 microperforations of the whole face, the neck and the neck opening are performed with it. Unlike the filling of the wrinkles, which is mainly of local effect, the BDR method is equally effective for the whole face, the neck and the neck opening. This means that the active ingredients of the products applied are absorbed everywhere in the skin and they improve its total appearance, regenerate entirely its structure, reduce the atrophic problems and improve the tone and elasticity. The therapy is painless and safe, it does not damage the blood vessels and even has a vessel stabilizing effect. The basic filler used is the hyaluronic acid and, apart from the profound hydration, the result also entails a lifting effect. (Product Re-charge with Push-up effect)
Duration: 90 minutes
Recommended course: 4 – 6 procedures
Unlike the XL perforation local perforation is done here, which treats additionally the problem zones– forehead, periocular contour, lips and nasolabial area. Together with the hyaluronic acid the wrinkles are locally filled with botox-like filler (Re-lax 2 product), which is accumulated under the wrinkles and smoothes them. The absorption of active ingredients is immediate and intense. Apart from wrinkles, pigmentations and widened pores may be treated.
Duration: 90 minutes
Recommended course: 4 – 6 procedures
The procedure is preferred for more mature and problematic skins, when the tasks to solve are improvement of the whole condition of the skin as well as local treatment of areas with expressed and profound problems. 
Duration: 120 minutes
Recommended course: 4 – 6 procedures
The BDR method provides fast and lasting results even after the first therapy and the difference in the appearance of the skin is visible. The effect is augmented in the following days. The best results are achieved after four procedures within a month (one procedure each week), followed by 4 – 6 maintaining procedures once a month.
It is also recommended before cosmetic surgical procedures as a preparation of the skin for the upcoming surgical intervention.

XL - individual procedure

BGN 175 лв.

XL - package of 4 procedures

BGN 630 лв.

XS - individual procedure

BGN 155 лв.

XS - package of 4 procedures

BGN 558 лв.

XL+XS - individual procedure

BGN 195 лв.

XL+XS - package of 4 procedures

BGN 702 лв.