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Therapies Firming anti-wrinkle cell therapy

Firming anti-wrinkle cell therapy

The anti-age therapy combines hyaluronic acid microsphere sponge technology to plump out wrinkles and micro-elastin to tone sagging skin. The treatment firms up the skin, boosts elasticity, has a strong lifting effect and is suitable for all skin types. 

The procedure starts with careful cleansing of the skin followed by microdermabrasion scrub with vitamin C, applied to the face, neck and décolletage. The next step involves the application of sponge-like microspheres of dehydrated hyaluronic acid. Once these microspheres enter the epidermis, they absorb water and expand to up to 30 times their initial volume, plumping out wrinkles. The toning ice mask containing micro-elastin with a cooling texture melts on the skin, diffusing its active ingredients. Microcirculation is improved and skin is hydrated.


Recommended course: 3 -5 procedures, one per week

Supporting therapy: once per month


Duration: 75 minutes 



Individual procedure

BGN 95 лв.

Package of 5 procedures

BGN 428 лв.