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Therapies Perfect Skin Regenerating Anti-Age Therapy

Perfect Skin Regenerating Anti-Age Therapy

The therapy involves a high concentration of natural collagen (100%) and vitamin C serum (20%), which ensures immediate resurfacing and brightening of the skin. Suitable for all skin types, especially tired and stressed skin with dull tone and dark spots. Promotes skin brilliance, suppleness and vitality.
The natural collagen mask revitalises, smoothes and hydrates. Rich in multivitamin anti-age concentrate containing vitamins A, E and B5, the mask actively reinforces the skin.
Pure vitamin C in 20% concentration brightens skin texture, protects from free radicals, stimulates metabolism and cell renewal.
The anti-age serum used for the treatment has an intensive hydrating and softening effect, as well as micro-drainage effect. It creates natural cellular defence against free radicals and protects against loss of elasticity, helps “filling in” of wrinkles, activates the synthesis of fibronectin. The body improves its ability to fight of environmental aggressors while metabolism is boosted.  
Due to the high concentration of vitamin C some redness may appear and slight stinging may be felt during the procedure.
Recommended course: 3 -5 procedures, one per week 
Supporting therapy: once per month


Duration: 90 minutes



Individual procedure

BGN 108 лв.

Package of 5 procedures

BGN 486 лв.