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Rehabilitation Massages




The massage is carried out through special techniques for treatment and prophylactic purposes. The massage regulates the condition of the muscles, the operation of the organs, intensifies metabolism and facilitates the release of the toxins. The good result depends on the therapeutist’s skills to establish and perceive the current physical and emotional condition of the patient. The massage smooths and eliminates the pain and accelerates the healing process of the whole body. The prophylactic effect of the massage involves maintenance of the elasticity of the muscles and the mobility of the joints and strengthens the protective forces of the organism.


Partial massage: 30 minutes

Massage whole body: 55 minutes 


Lymph drainage massage


The massage influences the circulatory system and, in particular, the circulation of the lymph. In a state of rest, the lymph in the extremities does not move but after a massage the lymph flow increases, which makes lymph drainage massage wonderful means for reducing edemas and alleviation of the pain in the extremities.


Duration: 60 minutes


Detoxificating massage with honey


People have been aware of the healing properties of honey since ancient times. One of the wonderful ways to take advantage of the proven benefits of honey is through massage.The chemical composition of honey is complex, the vitamins contained in it influence metabolism and promote the functions of the ductless glands. When the body is massaged with honey, it absorbs its valuable carbohydrates. When the latter reach the liver through the blood they stimulate their purifying function. Its antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties are used to treat cold. Vitamins and trace elements strengthen the body, improve metabolism and support the function of the endocrine glands. Honey has the ability to extract toxins from the human body. Through specific massage movements ensure full penetration of all the useful components. Among other things, honey massage has a favorable effect on the skin itself and gives it softness, smoothness and freshness.


Duration: 45 minutes


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