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Rehabilitation Postoperative rehabilitation

Postoperative rehabilitation

» Face

Dedicated rehabilitation procedures after facial cosmetic surgery interventions accelerates post-operative recovery. The main tasks of rehabilitation procedures are to reduce swelling, pain, bruises and general discomfort
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» Breasts

Recovery after breast augmentation with silicone implants is frequently accompanied by impeded physical activity and discomfort for a week or two. Possible symptoms include muscle soreness, swelling, restricted arm movement, breathing difficulties
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» Abdominoplasty

Post-operative discomfort after abdomioplasty includes swelling, soreness and restricted movement. Patients are required to assume a slightly bent-over position for a period of several days up to a week in order to avoid stretching of the abdominal wall and tearing of sutures until complete healing of the affected tissues
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» Liposuction

The post-operative recovery period following liposuction is accompanied by swelling, soreness, hematoma, discomfort and restricted movement. Rehabilitation procedures aim to actively stimulate and encourage the body’s own healing process in order to help speedier achievement of the desired results and to assist the recovery process
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Price per individual procedure

80 лв.

Package of 5 procedures

380 лв.

Package of 10 procedures

720 лв.