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Mesotherapy Mesocare Weyergans

Mesocare Weyergans

Mesocare® is developed by Weyergans, a well-established German company in the field of cosmetic aesthetics. The therapy employs the principle of iontophoresis which allows deep penetration of the special cocktail of hyaluronic acid, vitamins, proteins and biofunctional protein serum. The procedure smoothes out wrinkles and provides intense hydration.


The procedure starts off with gentle mechanical exfoliation which removes the outermost skin cells and prepares the skin for deeper treatment. An enzyme peel is the next step, in the form of a facial mask, which provides deeper cleansing. Mesotherapy is carried out in three steps. A cocktail of active ingredients is driven into the skin of the face, neck and décolletage by means of straight (galvanic) current, the intensity of which can be regulated by the patient him/herself according to his or her individual sensitivity. The second step involves local treatment of wrinkles. The last stage involves passive muscle exercising by means of electric stimulation which aims to tone facial muscles and firm facial contours. The soothing mask applied at the end fixes the results.


Mesocare® is the most gentle of mesotherapies and its biggest advantage is its considerable effectiveness with no skin damage or perforation as opposed to therapies relying on needles. No side effects are observed and the patient may return to his/her daily routine immediately after the procedure, as long as direct sunlight is avoided.


Duration: 120 minutes 


Individual Procedure

BGN 140 лв.

Package of 4 procedures

BGN 504 лв.