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Slide Styler

Slide Styler is a mechanical lymphatic drainage apparatus which can be applied on legs, arms and abdomen. Pressure in the “air boots” rolls upwards, from ankles to knees, hips and pelvis and is controlled manually which achieves, in addition to lymphatic drainage, also a deep massage of connective tissue and muscles. The procedure reduces circumferences and swellings in the extremities and the abdomen, improves lymphatic drainage, detoxifies the body and activates metabolism. From the very first procedure, heaviness and fatigue in legs disappears and the patient enjoys a pleasant feeling of lightness. The procedure is aimed at persons with a sedentary lifestyle or persons suffering from obesity or venous circulation disorders. Slide Styler is one of the main components of anti-cellulite treatments with exceptionally good results.


Individual procedure

50 лв.

Package of 10 procedures

450 лв.