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Pilling New Skin Peel with 32% АНА

New Skin Peel with 32% АНА

An all-purpose therapy combining highly-concentrated active ingredients to create “new skin”. The intensive treatment resurfaces the skin, reduces pigmentation and dark spots, restores skin glow.


The 32% AHA peel contains:



  • 15% glycolic acid, known as the strongest anti-age AHA – accelerates cell renewal and smooths skin surface
  • 13.9% citric acid – eliminates dead surface cells
  • 3% lactic acid – the most abundant AHA in the human body with exceptional hydrating qualities


Following application, the pH level of the skin drops below its normal values and the skin requires some help to restore its natural balance. Neutralisation is accomplished by means of a regulator containing 2% pure hyluronic acid which increases hydration and boosts regeneration. The active molecules contained in the regulator have a neutral pH (between 7 and 7.5) and thus help the skin return to its physiological pH levels.


The procedure continues with an anti-age massage during which a rejuvinating massage cream with Vectorised Micro-Collagen is rubbed into the skin. The final detail is the firming lifting ceramide mask.


Results are evident from the very first procedure. Enjoy revitalised, radiant skin.


Duration: 75 minutes 


Individual procedure

BGN 88 лв.

Package of 5 procedures

BGN 396 лв.