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Dermabrasion Weyergans Dermabrasion

Weyergans Dermabrasion

Dermabrasion is a long-established procedure in aesthetic cosmetics with proven efficacy.


Dermabrasion by the German company Weyergans uses high-quality diamond crystals which gently remove the upper dead cell layer, smoothing skin surface and stimulating cell regeneration. Collagen and elastin synthesis is activated. The skin is filled with hyaluronic acid which hydrates deeper skin levels and ensures a vitalized and healthier appearance. The collagen mask soothes the skin. Skin is smoother and clean, irregular pigmentation is corrected and skin tone is evened.


The procedure is completely painless and can be applied on all skin types. Skin must not be exposed to direct sunlight.


A set of 5 procedures (one per week) is recommended for a long-term effect. 


Duration: 90 minutes 



Individual procedure

BGN 99 лв.

Package of 5 procedures

BGN 445 лв.