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Body procedures Vacustyler


The patented Vacustyler technology, introduced by Weyergans High Care, was developed jointly with NASA and the German Aerospace Center. The technology combines positive and negative pressure.
In medicine, Vacustyler is successfully used to improve circulation in the lower extremities and from there – in the entire body, as well as for lymphatic drainage. The rapid alteration of positive and negative pressure has a positive effect on blood vessels and improves cell functions. Metabolism is accelerated. Muscles, tissues and organs are supplied with oxygen and nutrients, while fat metabolism is improved. Weak connective tissue is strengthened and becomes more elastic which ensures a lifting effect and increases skin vitality. 

The equipment is suitable for people with weak capillaries, varicose veins and local issues with lymphatic circulation. Application reduces swelling in the legs and provides relief for tired, swollen feet. 

Vacustyler is successfully implemented in cosmetics both for the treatment and the prevention of cellulite.



Individual procedure

55 лв.

Package of 10 procedures

495 лв.