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Dermio Care Body

Humans are naturally positively charged. By breathing, we take in the necessary negatively charged electrons through air. With the advance of years, our lungs supply less and less of the oxygen needed by our bodies. When distributing oxygen, our organism provides energy to vital organs first: heart, spleen, liver, etc., and more often than not, there is no oxygen left for the skin. The shortage of energy slows down cell division and skin regeneration which results in skin ageing. 

DermioCare, developed by the German company Weyergans uses the principles of quantum theory to assist oxygen saturation, provide energy to the skin by speeding up cell division and regeneration. Collagen synthesis is stimulated resulting in the production of more connective tissue which in turn gives skin a firmer appearance. Face, neck and décolletage skin greatly improves its appearance and radiance. 

Weak connective tissue results in poor functioning of the physiological muscle pump and hence in the accumulation of waste products. Waste products increase acidity and lower interstitial pH values. Insufficient collagen is synthesized which leads to the formation of cellulite. Dermio Care regulates acidity in the organism, eliminates toxins and residuals and reduces cellulite. Suitable applications include obesity, tired and sagging skin, loss of elasticity, skin allergies, neurodermatitis and couperosis (reddened skin). 

An electrolyte gel is smoothed into cleansed skin to neutralize the protective acid mantle of the skin and facilitate oxygen penetration. The procedure itself is very pleasant and relaxing.


Duration: 30 minutes 



Individual procedure

50 лв.

Package of 10 procedures

450 лв.